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Mobile Responsive Web Design

I help brands thrive and come to life through careful brand development, tailored web design & digital strategy ensuring you get the best results possible. I set you up for digital success: I build you a website, optimise it, promote it and show your team how to use it to support your different business goals and objectives.

I’m honest, transparent, friendly, hit deadlines, stick to the budget and most importantly – achieve you great results.

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Websites Made
WordPress Development

WordPress Development

WordPress as an excellent, cost effective and high performing content management systems for startups and small businesses who are looking to develop a strong online presence while having the ability to edit content at their own pace.

Here at PunterDigital, I specialise in developing and delivering high quality, performing WordPress websites that exceed your requirements with custom integrations and solutions as needed.

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce is your perfect business partner when it comes to selling your products online, with dozens of eCommerce platforms out there it can get tricky to choose what one is right for you.

Here at PunterDigital, I work with all major ecommerce platform providers like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Merchello, as well as providing bespoke ecommerce solutions to fulfil your specific needs. I deliver you a ecommerce solution that match your requirements with custom integrations and solutions as needed.

Magento Development
WooCommerce Development
Shopify Development
PunterDigital - The #1 Web Design Agency in North Wales

Bespoke Website Development

Despite the wide choice of existing platforms tailored your businesses, some simply don’t meet your standards or don’t have the features your looking for. This is where you need a bespoke website solution that is made to meet your specific needs.

Here at PunterDigital I specialise in creating bespoke solutions for business across the United Kingdom and the United States of America using cutting edge technology that drives innovation, efficiency and help you over come business challenges.

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  • PunterDigital lead our front-end development at EXPOAid, and we could not ask for a better company. Very caring, dedicated, and passionate about their work. They’ve completed a number of contracts for us, and will continue working for us well into the future.

    [PunterDigital lead our] front-end development at EXPOAid, and we could not ask for a better [company]. Very caring, dedicated, and passionate about [their] work. [They’ve] completed [a number of] contracts for us, and will continue working for us well into the future.

    Nathan Sykes

    CEO, Expoaid
  • Trustworthy, fast and reliable. Working with Shay from PunterDigital has been one of the easiest and laid back things I have encountered so far. After a brief call and countless expectations, Shay delivered a website that far surpassed what I was looking for. I highly recommend working with PunterDigital for your next big, small, or even fun-sized website.

    Connor Sousa

    CEO, Connors Connections
  • As a person that can be difficult to work with from time to time, Shay has pulled through for me more than once. His work ethic, patience and understanding, along with his drive to fulfill any task to perfection, is second to very few.

    Throughout the years he has managed numerous projects and I have yet to be dissatisfied.

    VivaCityMC - Website Design by PunterDigital

    David Yost

    Owner, VivaCityMC
  • Vouch for [PunterDigital]. Extremely fast (and high-quality work), always eager to make the final product perfect-and to your exact likings. I definitely recommend for those looking around.

    Ben H

    CEO, ProximCloud
  • Shay created my website recently, and he did an amazing Job! It was exactly what I asked for, and it was done quickly and efficiently! I could have not asked for a better person!




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We're PunterDigital - Here's our story

Hello! I’m Shay Punter, the founder of PunterDigital and I am here to bring you into the depths of the company through our short story.

I created PunterDigital with a vision to empower businesses with their website and to be able to share my knowledge to help businesses thrive even further with their website.

When we first started out, it was quite complicated, trying to find our first client wasn’t easy, in-fact we was searching long and far, then we landed our first client! And it felt amazing to be able to put my passion into working knowledge to help a business.

Over the duration that the business has been around, we’ve gone through various changes, perfecting who we want to serve the most.

And after the hard work and the perfection in our website creation we’ve been able to work with over 30 clients and help improve their website, drive more business and make an ever lasting impression.

PunterDigital Founder

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