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What Your Website Can Do For Your Business

Web design is something that can be of extreme value to your business when done correctly, here are just a couple of ways owning a website can help your business:

  1. Having a website helps to increase the amount of business your business gets.
  2. Having a website enables you to build even stronger relations with your customers and business partners.
  3. Having a website makes your company more accessible to people across the nation and globe who are searching for you.
  4. Having a website can decrease advertising costs.
  5. Having a website provides a better customer journey and increases their satisfaction.

Web design made easy by PunterDigital

I set you up for digital success: I plan and build your website, optimise it, promote it and show you and your team how to use it to support your business goals and keep customers rolling in.

I’m honest, transparent, hit our deadlines and most importantly: stick to the budget.

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Our Web Design Process


This is the very start of our journey to creating you a perfect website, here we will meet and discuss how you want your website to be, what audience you target and more


We take a deep dive into your target market, establishing your ideal customer and gathering data on the types of websites they like to use, style they are attracted to and more


After we have completed our research we start designing a rough layout of your website, making sure it matches with your needs and caters to your audience

Final Design

After we've created your wireframe we get to work on creating a final design, with graphics, images and more, making sure it matches with your brand

Design Development

Once you have approved the final design, our team of expert front-end developers will get to work crafting and implementing the design into your website

Backend Development

After our team of front-end developers have completed their part, our team of expert back-end developers get to work implementing all the functions into your website


Once development has finished on your website and you have approved you love the work, we will get to work optimising your website for SEO and fast loading times


Once you're happy with everything we have done, our team will start promoting your website around the web, getting you the traffic you need to your site


After we have promoted your website, we will compile a guide on how to effectively use your website to meet the needs of your business, how to promote it and how to maintain it for the best results

After-Project Support

After we have educated your team on how to use the website to meet business goals we have finished. You'll get our after-project support what means free minor fixes, updates and more

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